Before you arrive on campus

Step 1: Visit the Resumption site
  • Choose the programme you want to study. Our programme section contains details of all the courses you can study.
  • Check if you have the necessary qualifications on the entry requirements section. This page will explain what qualifications you need for each course.
  • Check the application timeline here
  • Check the cost of your programme of interest
  • STEP ONE (Create an account) – (Read about forgot your Password on FAQ section)
  • STEP TWO – Make Online Payments (see Payment Methods)
  • STEP THREE (Complete your form)
    • PAGE One: Personal Information (name, address, etc.) & Contact Information
    • PAGE Two: Academic Interest & Educational History
    • PAGE Three: Referee Information
    • PAGE Four: Passport Upload & Printing
    • STEP FOUR (Prepare for screening): Applicants should note that screening interview which will take place online.
  • STEP FIVE: You will be notified of the status of your admission after the screening exercise via Admission Notification.
  • STEP SIX: Pay acceptance fee to confirm acceptance of admission offer. (See Fees/Payment for Procedures)
  • STEP SEVEN: Course Registration online on the Part-time Portal
  • STEP EIGHT: Enrol on the PT Learning Management System (LMS)
  • STEP NINE: Commence online lectures
  • STEP TEN: New student Orientation and Matriculation
Two main ways to make payment are through:
  • WEB PAY: Use your Verve, Master Card
  • CUePay (Pay@Bank): Pay to any of the designated banks and obtain a Receipt Number and PIN Number
    Applicants must complete the Covenant University Application Forms, available online at The cost of form for those paying online (via ATM) is N6,900; the cost is N6, 600 for those paying through banks.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: For a complete overview of the complete site, kindly read through our FAQ section.

Familiarize yourself with your MIT email account

Step 4: Create a backup plan for your data

Don’t wait for a hard drive crash or software glitch to ruin your 50-page research paper the night before it’s due. Set up a data back up plan now and avoid a meltdown later.


Before or on your start date
Step 1: Locate your CU ID number
When you were hired, you received an ID number.  If you haven’t received your ID number yet, contact your hiring manager or Human Resources.
You must have an ID Number to set up your account and certificates.
Step 2: Register for your email account at the Web Office
Step 3: Get certificates for your computers and mobile devices
Step 4: Familiarize yourself with your CU email account
On or after your start date
Step 1: Connect to CU’s network and the internet
Learn all about getting connected securely from your office or home.
Step 2: Secure your devices, data, and identity
Unfortunately, CU is a target for hackers. Protect yourself from cyber attacks by taking the necessary steps.
Step 3: Create a backup plan for your data
Don’t wait for a hard drive crash or software glitch to ruin your research and lesson plans, or interrupt your work. Set up a data backup plan now and avoid a meltdown later.
Step 4: Browse and download available software
As an employee, you have access to a large volume of software to use in the workplace. Browse and download what’s available.
Step 5: Review available ICT resources