Management System

At Covenant University CSIS, we need not be reminded of the importance a strong learning management system can have on the smooth running of activities around the academic calendar. Our Learning Management System Department is dedicated to first-class delivery, geared at keeping your learning environment running uninterrupted and increasing productivity and efficiency within the university community.Our Comprehensive Services Include:
LMS Support and Troubleshooting:
Our highly trained technicians use the latest tools and methodologies to identify problems in the LMS and solve them efficiently. Be it user access, course setup, or system error, whatever the issues may be, they will be quickly diagnosed and solved by our highly skilled experts.
Course Management and Content Integration:
From courses undertaken to integrating multimedia content, our technicians are capable enough of handling a much-diversified range of LMS needs. We oversee that all of the courses are correctly configured and the content is integrated so that it can provide a digitally rich experience of learning.
Preventive Maintenance:
Proactive maintenance will prevent unexpected failures of the LMS. Our preventive maintenance services include periodic inspection, updating, and optimization of the LMS to extend its life cycle and guarantee flawless performance.
User Training and Support:
As technology advances, so do the needs of our users. We offer tailored training sessions and continuous support in order to make faculty and students more capable with the LMS and its features in creating an efficient learning experience for students.
Computer-Based Testing (CBT):
We are responsible for implementing and managing Computer-Based Testing at Covenant University. The CBT system places a better spin on the evaluation of the examination, most importantly, with its seamless administration of exams, instant grading and feedback, and improved security measures. It supports various kinds of questions, and flexibility and scalability assure a very modern type of assessment environment for students and faculty alike.