And Printing

Covenant University offers a wide range of reprographics and printing services to meet the diverse needs of its students, staff, and external stakeholders. These services are designed to ensure efficient production, duplication, and distribution of documents and printed materials. Here’s an overview of what Covenant University is capable of doing in terms of reprographics and printing services:

Professional Binding and Finishing:
Covenant University’s reprographics services extend to professional binding and finishing, including spiral binding, hard cover binding, and laminating. This is perfect for theses, dissertations, project reports, and other formal submissions.
Efficient Document Management:
Our Integrated printing and reprographics services ensure quick turnaround times and maintain high standards of quality for all printed materials.
Large Format Printing:
Covenant University specializes in large-format printing services capable of producing posters, banners, architectural drawings, and other oversized documents. This is particularly beneficial for students and staff involved in presentations, research projects, and events that require large, visually impactful printed materials.
Digital Printing for Custom and On-Demand Solutions:
Our services cater to smaller runs and custom printing needs, allowing for quick and affordable printing of documents such as flyers, business cards, certificates, and personalized invitations.
Microfilming for Long-Term Preservation:
Covenant University offers microfilming services to help preserve important documents in a compact, durable format. This is ideal for archiving historical records, research documents, and other critical materials that require long-term storage and protection against degradation.